Yale 89 Deadlocking Nightlatch – Case Only (89CO)

Yale 89 Deadlocking Nightlatch – Case Only (89CO)

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Deadlocking nightlatches available in a range of finishes


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The modern Yale 89 nightlatch door lock can be operated by lever internally or also by key externally. The inside handle can be deadlocked by a reverse turn of the key in the outside cylinder after closing the door. This prevents the lock from being “slipped” or “bypassed” from the exterior without a key.

Internally the Yale 89 deadlocking nightlatch 60 mm can be “Snibbed” to deadlock or hold back the latch for convenience.

Other product variations include:
Yale 89 Deadlocking Nightlatch – Nightlatch (P89S)

  • Brand: Yale
  • Backset: 68mm
  • Body Finish: 90mm
  • Case Height: 68mm
  • Case Width: 90mm
  • Cylinder Finish: Holdback
  • Finish: Grey/No Cylinder
  • Holdback: Holdback
  • Max Door Thickness: 90mm
  • Type: 90mm
  • Key operation from the outside
  • Lever handle operation from the inside
  • Deadlock by reverse turn of the key in outside cylinder. Both the key and handle are deadlocked
  • Snib function can hold the latch in locked or withdrawn position
  • Backset: 60mm
  • Case width: 90mm
  • Case height: 68mm
  • Bolt length: 16mm
  • Max door thickness: 35-60mm
  • 5 pin cylinder included
  • Replacement cylinders are available
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • Not recommended for single door entry residencies
  • Can be used on outward opening doors in conjunction with long or
    short tongue reverse strike plates, reversible inhouse or on site
  • Boxed versions available in singles and 20 in an outer box
  • Visi packed versions available in singles and 5 in an outer box