KFV Latch, Deadbolt, 2 Pins (AS435035)

KFV Latch, Deadbolt, 2 Pins (AS435035)

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This KFV comes with 2 pin deadbolts and a central latch and deadbolt. Look out for older versions of this lock which have a slightly different case design and no markings on the faceplate. Some models have been discontinued. Where available, alternatives are listed above although extra roller keeps will be required.

Operation: Lever/Lever.

Latch reversal: Depending on date of manufacture either: Push the serrated button at the top of the lock case down while simnultaneously pulling out the latch. Remove to reverse and reinsert.

Push in the latch and undo the screw in the back of the lockcase. Remove the latch and reverse.Push in the latch and undo the screw in the side of lockcase to remove the latch. reverse and reinsert.


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  • Brand: KFV
  • 1, 2, or 3 Piece: 1
  • Anti Lift Bolts: 0
  • Attachments for Shootbolts?: No
  • Backset: 35mm
  • Centres/PZ: 92mm
  • Deadbolts: 0
  • Faceplate: Flat 16mm - Square Ends
  • Hooks: 0
  • Mushrooms: 0
  • Operation: Lift Lever
  • Pins: 2
  • Rollers: 0
  • Spindle: Single 8mm
  • Centres: 92mm
  • Case height: 210mm
  • Case depth: Backset + 18mm
  • Overall length: 2170mm
  • Distance between Pin deadbolts: 1490mm