GU Ferco Tripact Latch, Deadbolt, 2 Tongue Hooks (G1199921)

GU Ferco Tripact Latch, Deadbolt, 2 Tongue Hooks (G1199921)

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This is the updated G1199 lock which now has a deadbolt rather than a latch only.

Operation: Lift lever.

Latch reversal: Depending on date of manufacture either- Push the latch in to reveal a screw in side of case. Undo screw to remove the latch, reverse, reinsert and replace screw or Insert small flat bladed screwdriver in the small slot on side of case marked R/L. Push upwards to release latch, reverse and reinsert.


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  • Brand: GU Ferco
  • 1, 2, or 3 Piece: 1
  • Anti Lift Bolts: 0
  • Attachments for Shootbolts?: No
  • Backset: 40mm
  • Centres/PZ: 70mm
  • Deadbolts: 0
  • Faceplate: Flat 20mm – Square Ends
  • Hooks: 2
  • Mushrooms: 0
  • Operation: Lift Lever
  • Pins: 0
  • Rollers: 0
  • Spindle: Single 7mm
  • Centres: 92mm
  • Case height:195mm
  • Case depth: Backset + 18mm
  • Overall length: 2150mm
  • Distance between Tongue hooks: 1773mm