Avocet Offset Espag With Mushrooms  (WMS25400)

Avocet Offset Espag With Mushrooms (WMS25400)

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Avocet Offset Espags with mushrooms U-Rail faceplate and a 25mm Backset


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  • Brand: Avocet
  • Backset: 25mm
  • Distance Between Outer Locking Points: 280mm
  • Faceplate: U-Rail 16mm
  • Length: 400mm
  • Locking Points: 2
  • Type: Espag
  • Type Of Locking Point: Mushroom
  • Lift handles to engage mushroom in keeps
  • Various sizes available please refer to table below for assistance
  • Suitable for use with either inline or left or right handed espag handles
  • Loose