Cam Locks

Cam locks are one of the most common and widely used locks. The locks are mostly used on inner doors, cabinets, mailboxes, drawers, vending machines and display cases.

In most cases these locks have push or turn button on the inner side and a tumbler lock on the outer side. They are cylindrical in shape. These locks can be used to offer high security in different areas.

There are many types of cam locks and their differences are based on a number of elements. IWD have a great selection of cam locks to choose from depending on where you want to use them and budget. Our stocked cam locks come in different finishes and sizes. The cam of the lock is also available in different materials, sizes and shapes. The keying style also varies from one cam lock type to the other. For some cam locks, you can only remove the key when locked in, others you can remove the key in either the locked or unlocked state. You can also choose the options of keyed alike, key different or even master keyed cam locks.

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